Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014

BOBA 4g and Beco Gemini Available

Dear Mommies,

Today we gave Boba 4g and Beco Gemini available for rent.
Monthly rent: 150.000
two weeks rent: 100.000
Deposit Fee: 100.000 (returnable)
COD and Delivery Service by request
Please Contact: SMS/WA to 081295900675

Jumat, 26 September 2014

Ini dia Beco Gemini Yang bisa 4 posisi, Back, Front Facing In, Front Facing Out, dan Hip.

Nyaman banget bunda.

Sewa ini seharga: 150.000 per month
100.000 per dua minggu
Deposit : 100.000 (returnable)

Minggu, 31 Agustus 2014

Instruction video Baby Elle Cozy Travel System s602TS

Dear mommies

ini cara pake babyelle cozy travel system

complete dengan infant car seat.

ready to rent until late october.

hurry up book

SMS/WA 081295900675

PAXbaby Beco Gemini Instructions Front, Back, Hip & Carrying!

This one is for mommy who wants to book beco gemini.

not to much front view carrying due to will be over stimulation for your baby.

thank you

Baby Carrier Booked

Dear Mommies:
Hari ini Beco gemini is booked with thanks

Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014

Is Baby Wearing Safe??

When done properly, carrying a baby in a soft baby carrier can be safer than carrying a baby in your arms. Your carrier doesn’t have muscles that get tired, and your carrier doesn’t have arms that reflexively reach out to balance you or catch you when you fall. But, as with anything concerning babies, good safety practices are of paramount importance. This article has many safety tips, but no set of guidelines can anticipate every circumstance. You are responsible for your child’s safety as well as your own.

Whatever carrier you choose, learn to use it properly, and always keep safety in mind.


1. Make sure your baby can breathe. Baby carriers allow parents to be hands-free to do other things … but you must always remain active in caring for your child. No baby carrier can ensure that your baby always has an open airway; that’s your job.

a. Never allow a baby to be carried, held, or placed in such a way that his chin is curled against his chest. This rule applies to babies being held in arms, in baby carriers, in infant car seats, or in any other kind of seat or situation. This position can restrict the baby’s ability to breathe. Newborns lack the muscle control to open their airways. They need good back support in carriers so that they don’t slump into the chin-to-chest position.

b. Never allow a baby’s head and face to be covered with fabric. Covering a baby’s head and face can cause her to “rebreathe” the same air, which is a dangerous situation. Also, covering her head and face keeps you from being able to check on her. Always make sure your baby has plenty of airflow. Check on her frequently.

2. Never jog, run, jump on a trampoline, or do any other activity that subjects your baby to similar shaking or bouncing motion. “This motion can do damage to the baby’s neck, spine and/or brain,” explains the American Chiropractic Association.

3. Never use a baby carrier when riding in a car. Soft baby carriers provide none of the protection that car seats provide.

4. Use only carriers that are appropriate for your baby’s age and weight. For example, frame backpacks can be useful for hiking with older babies and toddlers but aren’t appropriate for babies who can’t sit unassisted for extended periods. Front packs usually have a weight range of 8 to 20 pounds; smaller babies may slip out of the carrier, and larger babies will almost certainly cause back discomfort for the person using the carrier.


Kalo mau pilih2 yang mana gendongan bisa pilih di ASA Rental Baby Goods. Bisa hemat dan bisa dibalikin kalo babynya udah ga mau lagi.

SMS/WA: 081295900675 087837815222
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/asababygoodsrental
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Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014


2nd hand baby stuffs for sale. 
Condition is 90%
Rarely use.
Negotiable Price

1. Box Bayi dari Rotan
Bed included
Price: 200.000

2. Munchkin Inflatable Safety Chair adalah balon udara yang dibuat untuk tempat duduk si kecil yang lucu. Dapat digunakan oleh bayi yang berusia 6-24 bulan. Dapat juga digunakan saat si kecil main air.

Price: 75.0000